Make bad choices, it will be ok.

My dearest Catherine,

You bought a house! Holy shit, you are like a full fledged grown up person with a mortgage and shit. 


 I always like when people make big strides in life because it reminds my how I basically am going to forever channel my inner Peter Pan….

Peter Pan For Life
Peter Pan For Life

No but seriously, I am so proud of you! You’re doing it!

So, the other day someone I know came to me for some relationship advice because, I am the fucking guru of giving great advice 🙂

Anyway, so this person, she-who-will-not-be-named, wanted advice and it really got me thinking about life and choices and I came to this conclusion.

Life it short. 

Your life could literally end tomorrow. 

The MOST important things you have on this planet are your relationships

So put effort into them.

Do what makes you happy.

And here is what I think about mistakes. Just try not to make life ENDING ones.

I think it’s ok if you get married and divorced and married and divorced again.

I think it’s ok if you lose your job and have to move home.

It’s ok.

Just avoid the life ENDING mistakes.

Don’t do too many drugs or drink too much, or have a bunch of unprotected sex or smoke (and if you want to realize what will happen when you do and don’t complain when the inevitable happens) and if you do that, you will be ok.

Everything works out ok.

If you are unhappy, change it. 

If you want a better job, go get one.

I think people put way too much thought into life.

You got to eat, and have shelter, but at the end of it all, it’s how you are as a person.

Care about people. Be kind to people. Love your spouse and your children and your neighbors and everyone you meet. 

The world desperately needs that.

If you want to drop out of school and travel..fucking do it.

If you want to get a tattoo on your face (don’t do this please…) 


(that’s one of those mistakes where you may have to realize you’ll never get a job ever….try not to make permanent mistakes as well)

A heartbreak is temporary so go for it.

Love with all you fucking have. 

You know those stories of those people who met and got married two weeks later and have been together for fifty years? 

Those people are who you should aspire to be.

Live your life, not recklessly; I am not saying that. But live your life with love and passion with all that you do.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake. You can always dust yourself off and learn and go onto the next mistake.

You are not defined by what degree you have or what school you went to or how much money you have or how big your house is or how many people you have slept with or how many tattoos you have or who you love, you are defined by your character, how you treat people and how kind you are.

I am going to life my life so that when I am die one day, if anyone shows up to my funeral, they’re not saying “Well I bet she left behind a lot of money” 

I hope they are saying “Remember when she said this? Remember when did that? She was the kindest person I knew”

Be kind

Love you, I hope you are living it up in your new house 🙂

Love Emily


Dear Emily

Have I told you lately that you are my favorite person in the world? I’m so excited to start this with you!

I guess I should introduce myself as well. I’m Catherine. I’m 23 years old, married, and living in the corn capitol of the world, Iowa. I’m a stay at home spouse with a loving wife and two adorable fur babies who I’m sure will make multiple appearances here because…well they’re adorable.

Emily, we weren’t this close in college were we? You know that saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well it’s true. I dropped out of college only one semester after Emily and that’s probably what brought us together. Here’s the thing: when two people share a similar experience (like the complete exile of the people we thought cared about us most) they definitely connect on a different level. Okay, so the relationship between us and our college friends have definitely improved but I’m glad that minuscule tragedy brought us together. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve seen your beautiful face. It doesn’t seem right does it?

Cassy and I are just enjoying our Sunday together. She’s been working so much I’ve hardly seen her lately. I’m not angry about it because the paychecks she brings home are awesome and extremely necessary since we’re living on only one income but sometimes I think I’d rather be hella broke and have her all to myself. Then I think about the $11 I just spent on fancy cheese and appreciate her even more.

I know what you mean about not working. I’m tired of the “You don’t work? What do you do all day?” question. Hm, let me think. I handle all the finances and correspondence to doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and banks, I vacuum, dust, sweep, mop, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and make sure our animals are well exercised and taken care of. I also make sure I have dinner on the table every night when Cassy comes home from work. Is it easier than working for 8 hours a night? Hell yeah. But it’s not “nothing”. There is nothing more I want in my life than to be a wife and a mother. And I’m halfway there! Because I don’t work, I spend more time with my wife than some of my other friends who both have full time jobs. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

So, Emily, I want to hear all about your life! Every little bit of it! I can’t wait to see what else we get into!

Dear Catherine,

Hello my dearest Catherine,

             Can you believe that I actually sat down and brought this blog into creation? Me either! I want to introduce myself  to all of our readers! My name is Emily and I am 23! I currently live in the Chicagoland area and I am one semester away from getting my associates degree, majoring in Communications. I live with my boyfriend, who I have been dating for almost three years. I met Catherine when we attended school together …four years ago?


 We only had one year together and then I dropped out and got married… EMILY YOU DID WHAT? 

Yup, so one marriage and one divorce later, Catherine and I never lost touch and I even helped her plan her wedding (a little bit). 

I drove four hours to watch her marry the love of her life and it was still to this day, the most amazing, love filled wedding I have ever attended. 

Catherine and I will be writing letter back and forth to each other, expressing opinions and ideas and asking for advice and telling jokes and whatever else pops in our heads. I cannot wait. So Catherine, in your letter back to me, introduce yourself! And let’s just get right into it. 

Catherine, I miss you! I haven’t seen you since your wedding which was over a year ago!!!! I miss you! Anyway, it’s a Saturday night and I am starting this blog, so, you can tell how exciting my life is at the moment. 

Greg has been working late every night because he just got a promotion. It sucks. 

I have a question. So you are not working now. I haven’t worked since Greg and I started dating, and it’s wonderful. But so many people judge me for it.

 Like, I am a feminist and I believe in equal rights and all that jazz , BUT I also have some old school beliefs and I like playing housewife, a lot. 

Like, I love cooking and cleaning and hopefully one day, raising children. 

Like…It brings me actual joy.

 But a few people Greg works with have asked him, “why doesn’t Emily get a job”, especially when we were “broke” a couple times….And this baffled me… Because I would never go up to someone and ask them “Why doesn’t your wife work??”

Is it because we are not married yet? It is because they are nosy little fuckers? I don’t know. 

But those are my thoughts for tonight, I don’t want to get too heavy or bore our readers on our very first post. I hope to hear from you soon 🙂